#MyLifeWasSavedBy – Emma

"Four years ago a stranger ran after me and sat with me on the train track trying to talk me off it and then pulled me off literally as the fast train approached, throwing us both into the bank. Angry at the time, as I thought that was the only to end my pain, I... Continue Reading →

#MyLifeWasSavedBy – Finlay

"My life was saved by a friend who would message me every single day when I was going through such a bad time and this friend didn't demand anything of me, I really wasn't in a good head space, I didn't want to reply to messages, I didn't want to talk to anybody, but this... Continue Reading →

#MyLifeWasSavedBy – Jonny

"My life was saved by a stranger who approached me and tried to really engage with me and get me out of the headspace I was in, and stayed with me and helped me through that really difficult period." Jonny

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