Season 1

Episode 1: A walk through the OCD mind with Jon Tilley

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To kick off the podcast, What’s Going On In Your Head’s Maria Mendes speaks with artist Jon Tilley about his experience of living with OCD. Jon performed at our very first live show back in 2018, which you’ll hear snippets from during the episode. 

Hear about Jon’s struggles with OCD, as he walks through his intrusive thoughts and intense fears of harming himself and others. Jon shares the effects of his condition, including how exhausting it can be, as well as how he treats his demons. Jon goes on to explore why he in fact felt safer during the COVID-19 lockdowns as a way of minimising his day-to-day interactions. 

And yet, would he take a magic pill to get rid of his OCD overnight? Listen in to find out.

Episode 2: Blushing with Jonny Benjamin

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In this second episode What’s Going On In Your Head’s Jon Salmon speaks with charity-founder, mental health campaigner, author and film-maker, Jonny Benjamin.

Jonny was diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder, a combination of schizophrenia and bipolar, at the age of twenty. Hear as Jonny shares about getting his diagnosis, his first time speaking publicly about his mental health, the importance of creative outlets and… blushing.

Would he take a magic pill to get rid of his schizo-affective disorder overnight? You will have to listen in to find out.

Also included in this episode is a special performance by Giles Addison.

Episode 3: Overcoming emotional rollercoasters with Jon Downes

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In episode 3 of the podcast, Rupert Eyles speaks to Mindset Coach and creator of the MAGIC Mindset®️, Jon Downes. Across three different performance pieces and open conversation, Rupert and Jon together explore a range of emotions, including intense anxiety and anger, and pepper the discussion with ways found to help journey through their most difficult periods. Tools that often come back to the first key step of acceptance and accommodation, via mindfulness and other approaches. Jon also shares his experience of growing up with a parent suffering from mental illness.

Episode 4: Keep swimming with Laura Campbell

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In this episode, we explore the subject of eating disorders with wordsmith Laura Campbell as she shares with us her experience of adult anorexia. Through the metaphor of her colourful surfboard, we hear about her journey to recovery and gain an understanding of the battlefield in the anorexic mind. This episode will be helpful for people with friends and family struggling with eating disorders.

Some of the content of this podcast may be triggering for people with eating disorders so listener discretion is advised.

If you need support for any of the issues covered in this podcast we have some useful links here and specifically related to eating disorders we can recommend visiting Beat.

Episode 5: Booze, drugs and rock and roll with Chris Tait from Electric Six

Chris Tait and music are so intertwined and this episode emulates that with the inclusion of three of his recent solo works and a treasure trove of musical anecdotes that take us on his journey of drug and alcohol addiction and recovery.

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Episode 6: Bipolar Me, a journey to acceptance with Ceri Ashe

In this episode, the last of the first season, Rupert Eyles sits down for an open conversation with actor, writer, and producer Ceri Ashe. Ceri shares her experience of living with Bipolar 2, which she explored in-depth in her play, “Bipolar Me”. She highlights how her diagnosis explained much of her behaviour, and how she manages both the intensity and pace of her mania, and the darkness of her depression. 

Yet despite the ups and downs, is Ceri eager to take a magic pill and be rid of it? Listen in to find out. 

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