“The Ghost Of You” by Wendy Gabriel

We trace the steps you have taken on your path,

The crashing waves we view have all been consumed by you over the years.

Every paving stone we tread,

You have planted your feet.

The beach huts are new to my eyes,

But on them you have cast your shadow many times.

I swam in the chilly sea,

My arms beat in time to the waves,

However you have front-crawled your way along the coast before me.


On my return from the seaside town,

Your wife shows me photos of where you enjoyed

The sunny climes and friendly townsfolk

On the spots I recently walked, ate and posed,

The photos show how you lived my life ten years ago,

You laughed, you relaxed and wished it all to last forever…..


……But nothing ever does, the town of Sheringham remains.

It’s slow pace and charming ways stay just the same

But while you stay for eternity on my mother’s photos

Your vision is a lie.

When I close my eyes…


You are gone.

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