New Horizons

2020 saw a new phase of What’s Going On In Your Head? with the introduction of our live shows on Zoom and Facebook. This was of course a change that came out of necessity but it brought with it the benefit of being able to reach an audience without the geographic constraints of physical venues. 

When we staged our first live show on Zoom in March 2020 we had no idea whether it would work or not, but testament to the success of that first online show is we went on to produce 8 more shows in that format in 2020 driven forward by the positive feedback from the audience and performers. We were proud to showcase a diverse and talented set of performers and we gained special insight into often difficult topics pertaining to our mental health. 

As we start 2021 we feel that it is time to evolve once again. Our greatest wish for 2021 is to stage a show in a physical venue again and so, with optimism, we are starting to plan for an event at a venue. We intend to live stream that event so that those unable to join us for geographic or other reasons can still be a part of it.

Sadly, the hClub, our venue for our shows before lockdown, has had to close. If you have links with a venue, or know people who may be able to support us in getting us back onto a real stage, please get in touch. 

In the meantime, in pursuit of freshness, and to help mitigate the issue of Zoom fatigue, we have decided not to continue with our regular Zoom shows in 2021 but to focus on adding a podcast series to the What’s Going On In Your Head? stable.

If you would be interested in being involved in the making of the podcasts, either as a performer/interviewee or behind the scenes in a production capacity, please reach out to us.

Our email is:

When we release our podcast episodes and have news of our next live show we will let you know through our newsletter and on our social media channels. If you would like to be kept up to date please sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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