“Heart” by Duke Al Durham

When people say the phrase, you got the heart of a lion,
The heart of the city,
A heart of a giant,
I say know I have the heart of a human being
So, supreme I can do anything!
They look at me like alright mate,
So, I just chuckle and say wait,
Listen, understand before you judge see,
Us human beings are given such
Bad connotations.

But I believe in our race,
I believe we can change,
I believe we can all read off the same page,
As we all have something in common, we all have heart,
We all have a passion deep down we want to chase we want to start,
We can pull together and create,
Extraordinary things,
Help each other laugh, fight even cry together,
When something pulls on our heart strings,
Life’s emotion our own individual musical instrument,
We can create symphonies, even from hard things,
Motivate, inspire others to be Queens to be Kings,
You know, grasp that golden opportunity.

As we are powerful beyond our own self-belief,
As adrenaline injects through every vein, every artery,
The Oxygenated blood flows more rapidly,
And that feeling of euphoric momentum high energy,
That beams inside, breaks free!
You becoming you, following your heart, the reason why you were once a seed,
To now a tall tree.
Follow your heart they say,
Listen to your heart they say,
I’m a poet and I am always skipping to my beat,
I listen to me, I neglect naysayers of negativity,
What I am trying to say is,
Your heart is born with only a certain number of beats,
Make every pump of the blood be full with love, uplifting energy,
Natural art is created from the heart so what life will you lead?
You have the chance to live but what legacy will you leave?

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