Perform at the online jam


Have you written a piece about isolation that you would like to perform at the What’s Going On In Your Head? inaugural online jam? Make your home the stage and we’ll stream your performance to an audience through the cyber airwaves.

Performance pieces could include music, spoken word, stand-up or even dance if you have a large enough living room! We will be using the Zoom platform to stream the show so in order to take part you will need to have a decent webcam and audio connection.

If you’re interested in performing a short piece based around the theme of isolation please contact us using the form below.

If we aren’t able to include every performance in this show, or if you don’t have a piece that relates to the theme of isolation, there will be opportunities to take part in future shows, both online or at our live events when they resume.

The show will commence at 7.30pm GMT on 24th March, and we will be running a rehearsal for performers at 7.00pm GMT on 22nd March.

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