Kindness – 19 May 2020

On 19 May 2020 our show was on the theme of kindness and it was a night of firsts. If you couldn’t join us, or you want to watch parts of it again, head over to our Facebook page where you can relive the live stream.

The show was opened by ‘Dog’ who performed “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars. This was the first time we had had a sock puppet open a show.

Following Dog in the line up was human being Kenton Hall who debuted a song on kindness he wrote especially for the show. And guess what? He has just announced that he is recording it  so we will be able to hear it in all its glory without the Zoom filter effect. The song will be released to support Mind and we will post about it on our blog when it is released.

Comedian Juliette Burton took to the stage next and treated us to some hilarious new material around kindness and continued to delight us with her comments in the chat room throughout the evening. Juliette will be back trying some more new material at our show in June.

For the first time we introduced an audience quiz which was led by Marta Carvalho. Marta chose 6 readings on kindness from famous writers and performed them for us at points during the evening and the audience were challenged to guess the name of the writer. And we guessed pretty well!

Sanisha Wynter gave us a stunning performance of her poem “Until I Can Be Kind To Myself”

SK Shlomo, pioneer of the What’s Going On In Your Head? rapid DJ sets, had us dancing around our rooms with a super 90s pop dance mix. Want to listen to it again? Here’s the link to his playlist.

Estelle Alais gave us a beautiful raw acapella rendition of her song “You Took My Heart” about heart break and kindness.

We were up off our sofas again with DJ Pinks who shared a brilliant drum n bass/jungle mix. She also surprised us with a hidden talent as she briefly turned our host into a chipmunk.

Only Tom Allen could follow a chipmunk with a comedy sketch featuring his very special guests Gollum and Sméagol.

With the show coming to a close we were delighted by a rendition from Wendy Gabriel of her poem, “The New Normal” about the lockdown and how kindness has come about through it.

After some final words on kindness from What’s Going On In Your Head? producers Jon Salmon (aka the Zoom controller) and Maria Mendes, SK Shlomo played us out with “You Got The Love“.

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