Loss – 19 June 2020

On 19th June 2020 our online jam was on the theme of loss. Loss is a bit of an immense subject and we were steered through many different aspects of it by a truly talented and engaging group of performers. If you want to watch back any of the performances head over to our Facebook page. And while you are there please give our page a quick “like”!

Liz opened the show with a skit on Dr & The Medics “Spirit In The Sky” dressed up in full costume, in a look that scared even herself.


The first performer of the night was Rachael Chadwick who read us some of the postcards sent to her from her inspiring and beautiful 60 postcards project.


Do you want to send your own postcard? All you need to do is grab an unused postcard or perhaps you could make one. Write about your lost loved one. What do you want the world to know about them? Make sure #postcardsforyou is on there. Submit it via 60postcards.com or share it on social media. Keep it safe, as later in the year the plan is to leave them strangers to find.

Throughout the evening the audience in the Zoom room filled the chat with their appreciation, commentary and questions.

Jessie Dutton : Have always loved following your 60 postcards journey Rachel – thank you for providing such a space for people to share their personal stories and grief … I so often feel I have no where to put my grief. You’re amazing!

As each performance concluded Lisa Gornick revealed the live drawings she had created inspired by the work.

Lisa Gornick’s depiction of Rachael’s performance of her postcards

Then we were treated to a comedy set from Juliette Burton, who made us laugh out loud with tales of the loss of a love, a broken engagement reframed as “a successful break up”. She still has the wedding dress if anyone wants to buy it from her – ‘good as new’.


Find out more about Juliette’s latest show “Defined”.

Dave George : You’re so great Juliette! We’ve had many laugh out loud laughs!

Next up was Giles Addison who inspired our first audience quiz of the evening. Despite the completely abstract nature of the question our audience showed quite how smart they are with a whopping majority of 77% correctly guessing he had 110 Yodas in his collection.


Lisa Gornick’s depiction of Giles Addison’s performance

Giles read a poem about loss relating to his bipolar schizo-affective disorder. You can read the text version of his poem here or follow him on his blog and you will find it there too.

Jonathan Tilley : Giles I love it and your delivery is powerful… like straight off a film trailer… top man

In our second poll of the night we asked our audience what they lost most often and it was a tie between losing their temper and losing their mind. Nuff said!

Then it was time for a spectacular performance by composer Douglas MacGregor who played us a song from his album “Songs of Loss and Healing.”


Lisa Gornick’s interpretation of Douglas’s performance

If you want to buy or stream the album click here. And if you’re a vinyl collector you can pre-order a Songs of Loss and Healing 12″ full litho-printed artwork here

Amanda groom : unbelievably magical x

Our third quiz of the evening revealed what a caring, lovely bunch of people the audience were as they voted that their biggest lockdown loss was “hugs”.

Then we saw the return of Dave Cottrell to our online jam, this time with a guitar in hand. Dave sang “Don’t Ask Me To Remember” written about the last years of his nan’s life as Alzheimer’s took hold.


“I don’t have all the answers, don’t ask me to remember. As I sit here in this silence, it’s such an awful sound. So sick of watching t.v. everyone treats me so tender. It’s been this way for years now since my body hit the ground. Just stay with me, ‘cause I might recall your name Just stay with me, ‘cause I might recall your face But don’t ask me to remember, Don’t ask me to remember, In your time I know I test your patience and I push you to your wits end. But I can’t control my thoughts now and I say just what I think. I wish things could be different and I still could be your best friend. So hard when all your memories are gone in just one blink. Just stay with me, ‘cause I might recall your name Just stay with me, ‘cause I might recall your face But don’t ask me to remember, Don’t ask me to remember, Please Don’t ask me to remember, In your time.”

don't ask me to remember
Lisa Gornick’s depiction of “Don’t Ask Me To Remember”

To sing us out singer/songwriter Richard Rhys O’Brien took us on a jolly spur with a song entitled “Heaven For Broken Dreams” about losing that was inspired by silver medalists at the olympics.

Wendy Gabriel : Absolutely fab !!


Lisa Gornick’s drawing of Richard’s performance

Head over to Richard’s website to listen to more of his music.

Helen O’Grady : Thank you all so much for another excellent evening. It’s been really inspiring and moving and so lovely to be in a safe place where its ok to talk about mental health and illness and loss, death and grief x x

If you’ve been affected by any of the subjects discussed in this show and are looking for support we can recommend Hub of Hope a directory for people living in the UK where you can find the nearest support for you.

We’ll be back again on 19th July exploring the theme of Addiction. If you would like to join us for the show please register here. If you would like to perform at the show please get in touch.

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