Send a sketch to Immortal Machinery

Remember the talented electronic duo Immortal Machinery? They composed and performed the opener for our Paranoia show at the hClub, and then in April Steph impressed us all by playing not just one instrument but three at our Hope online jam.

Immortal Machinery have just released an album – the music is instrumental but their aim is to give each track “lyrics” that can be read while listening to the music.

Are you feeling artistic? They’re reaching out to people to send them a quick sketch based on any ideas they get from the music and words. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a quick doodle that you take a picture of and send to them (the more spontaneous the better really!).

The aim is to end up with a gallery of pictures that are a companion piece to the album itself. Technical proficiency not required, all they ask is for a willingness to express oneself!

The music and lyrics can be found here. You can email your sketches to

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