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“As a bipolar writer and performer, the two things that have had the greatest effect on my life – that, for fear of reprisals, aren’t my children – are my experiences with mental health and with the Arts (capital “A” for gravitas). When I have a chance to combine support for the former with exploration of the latter, I am a happy Canadian. WGOIYH was an incredible experience in which to take part – I got a new song out of it, for one thing, and saw some incredible performances I might not otherwise have done. But more than anything else, in these days of weirdness and woe, to be a part of something run by such genuine, caring and proactive people was a real boost, not only to my creativity, but to my well-being. Which is an overly loquacious (Loquacious, Kenton? Have a word with yourself. But not loquacious.) way of saying, “I loved it, you’ll love it, come over here and show it some love.”

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