Episodes 1 & 2 of our podcast are now live

In 2021 we embarked on a new What’s Going On In Your Head? project: the creation of our very own podcast series. And now we’re excited to announce its release.

Season 1 has 6 episodes that are being released fortnightly. Today we released episode 2 where Jon Salmon is in conversation with charity-founder, mental health campaigner, author and film-maker, Jonny Benjamin. Jonny was diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder, a combination of schizophrenia and bipolar, at the age of twenty. Hear as Jonny shares about getting his diagnosis, his first time speaking publicly about his mental health, the importance of creative outlets and… blushing. Also included in this episode is a special performance by Giles Addison.

Listen here

Season 1 kicked off with a much loved What’s Going On In Your Head? poet who has previously performed at our live shows, Jon Tilley. Maria Mendes is in conversation with Jon Tilley about his experience of living with OCD. Hear about Jon’s struggles with OCD, as he walks through his intrusive thoughts and intense fears of harming himself and others. Jon shares the effects of his condition, including how exhausting it can be, as well as how he treats his demons. Jon goes on to explore why he in fact felt safer during the COVID-19 lockdowns as a way of minimising his day-to-day interactions. 

Listen here

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