Wired – 4 February 2022

We were super excited to be asked to host a special What’s Going On In Your Head? show as part of the Wired festival at the Big Creative Education Academy in Walthamstow.

Adam Smith who I am sure you remember from our Neurodiversity show at the last minute was unable to join us in person! In the spirit of ‘the show must go on’, Adam beamed in from his home and in turn, created another first for us – the WGOIYH hybrid show!

Adam’s captivating performance dealt with self-doubt and how to overcome these emotions.

Dr Ishani Rao is a powerhouse, an NHS A&E Doctor by day, author, founder of the charity Buckets of Love and reached out to us to perform after listening to our podcast.

Dr Ishani shared her perspective of working in a mental health ward and read a selection of stories from the book National Health Stories: Tales from the front line which she had released during the lockdown with fellow author Dr George Whittaker.
Neil Avery, a past performer of the Panic Attacks & Depression show in March 2019 was back with a beautiful and moving acoustic performance of Talk It Out.
Ali Ryan founder of PHAWS CIC brought some reflection to the evening by reading IT-The Blackest of Creatures, The Box, All That Glitters Isn’t Gold and One Day the Butterfly Will Fly from her book A Blue Sky Is Calling.
Laughter ensued when comedian Ro Dodgson walked on stage with his hilarious and thought-provoking performance dealing with identifying as being non-binary.
The Wired festival was the brainchild of Dorota Chioma and Dorota shared a section from her book Notes From Postnatal Depression: Healing Through Art which was edited by Steve Loft.
The Wired Festival was made possible due to the tireless work of Chris O’Sullivan, Co-Ordinator, Waltham Forest Time To Change Hub and we would like to give a special thanks to Victoria Spence from the Big Creative Education Academy.
Neil finished off the night by getting everyone to sing the chorus to his catchy track Inigo from his latest album, Mummy… Look What I Trod In.

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